Butterfly Ball

It is said in Mexican folklore that butterflies carry the souls or the spirits of the departed. This idea inspired Jennie to create ‘The Butterfly Ball’ series of artworks. The Butterfly Ball is an imaginary event for inspiring women who are long departed. Each guest has been turned into a butterfly using paint and collage. Some of the butterflies are famous, others have achieved something extraordinary, and some have a great story to tell at the Ball. Guests include Frida Khalo, Josephine Baker, Anita Roddick, Maya Angelou, suffragette Florence Norman, a land girl, actress Clara Bow, artist Hannah Hoch, and nurses Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.

Jennie’s son, sound designer Oliver Jewitt-Harris, was inspired by these artworks and the women behind them to create a sound artwork of their recorded voices together with sounds that might be heard at the Ball (music, laughter, and the beating of butterfly wings). You can listen to the sound artwork at the bottom of this page. Oliver has an MA in Sound Design for Film and Television and works on a variety of exhibited sound artworks as well as sound for film and gaming.

All the Butterfly Ball artworks are for sale (£200 – £400). Please get in touch with Jennie if you are interested