Anything But The Eyes

Jennie is currently researching for a PhD in Fine Art Practice at UCA Farnham having received the Watts/UCA Scholarship. She is investigating the relationship we have with our eyes that results in many people refusing to donate their corneas after death.

The work will be exhibited at the James Hockey Gallery, Farnham from 19th October – 11th December* 2019. *Closed 21st October.



Anything But the Eyes is an exhibition of the fine art research practice of Jennie Jewitt-Harris. The work explores the relationship that we have with our eyes, and the concerns that underpin the common reluctance to consent to donate corneas after death. Jennie’s drawings, collages, and assemblages express what influences us over life-times. She uses her experience in medicine to inform her practice which considers our relationship with time, connection with others, and concerns about mortality.

Jennie is a PhD student at UCA Farnham, having received the Watts Gallery/UCA Scholarship.