Jennie Jewitt-Harris’ work explores the formation of visual memories, and how these can influence and shape us. Combining her backgrounds in medicine, psychology and art she tackles complex and difficult subjects through her art, including issues such as organ donation and PTSD. She explores the passing of time and impact of experiences  through a combination of collage, drawing, painting and stereo-photography.

Jennie has an PhD in Fine Art (UCA Farnham) and was Artist in Residence at Watts Gallery/Artists Village 2015. 

She has exhibited widely in solo shows in London, Bracknell, Falmouth and Farnham and in a variety of group shows, working closely with sound designer Oliver Jewitt-Harris, her son, who she says “speaks to the audience through sound in an exciting and directly emotional way”. Their recent exhibitions Battle:CryButterfly Ball and Anything But the Eyes brought sound and collage together to create a new multisensory experience. Jennie combines her art practice with her role as a doctor, and as Founder of international charity Transplant Links.

The Butterfly Ball Video and Sound Art can be seen on her YouTube channel.

Jennie had two artworks exhibited in the 2018 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. David Mach RA, on the selection committee for the Summer Exhibition, spoke about her work:

This is a clever artist… There’s a degree of control, a mastery of handling to the point of delicacy that holds her work together along with your attention. It’s no mistake her collages are not square or rectangular edged. They make their own sinewy forms, hanging as they grow it would appear but surely manipulated by her into shapes like organs, pieces that might all fit together and work as one. 

Is there a Frankenstein’s monster thing going on there? That’s perhaps too dark a description and doesn’t necessarily fit with the lightness and humour I also see in her work. It will again be her own history in medicine coming forward and if that’s the case, Good! She’s using it well. I like the work a lot. Easy for me to admire how her pieces go together and easy for me to get excited about the next stages they’ll go through. I’m already looking forward to their next episode.

David Mach RA